Every person has at least one feature to inspire a brilliant portrait cartoon, a caricature.

Remember the striking faces, fleeting expressions, and unique habits of the friends and family you wish had been captured? Remember the goings on at...

Birthday parties
Graduation ceremonies
Proms and dances
Retirement celebrations
Engagement parties
Holiday events
Wine tastings
Corporate meetings
Fairs and carnivals
Bar/bat mitzvahs
Vacation camps
Pool parties and cookouts
Sports events
Surprise parties
And more?

I have spent my life capturing the essences of people and events in caricatures, and my portfolio is overflowing with samples. I would love sharing my gift with you and your family, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Testimonial from Lisa C.: "Everyone was so trilled and excited to get their caricatures done. It was a nice asset to celebrate my son's bar mitzvah."

Contact me for availability and pricing at
774-573-7574 or

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Among my many business accounts are Imperial Cars in Mendon and the Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, MA. At Imperial Ford, I have a 30' x 25' mural that uses the Sgt. Pepper's Band theme to capture dozens of staff members; at MRMC, I have brightened the lives of thousands of patients, visitors, and staff with my room corridor paintings.

My art also appears in many of the loveliest homes in the Blackstone Valley. My clients graciously commissioned me to add uniqueness, color, and charm to their game, children's, family, and great rooms. Themes having to do with sports, hobbies, families, animals and books, and Disney are all part of my repertoire.

Importantly, when on assignment, I always treat my clients' homes and businesses with the utmost care. I am exceedingly meticulous, neat, efficient, and timely.


From Brian and Erin M.: "My son loves his sports mural. Someone once told me his room was boring and now that you transformed it all the kids want theirs done."

From Kevin Meehan, owner of Imperial Cars: "Imperial Ford is a perfect venue for Tim's outstanding mural of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It goes with the whole music motif of the showroom, and I have received hundreds of compliments and inquiries about it."

From XXX and XXX D.: "The sports lockers in my son's room really pops. They become almost 3-D., Fantastic job."

Contact me for availability and pricing at
774-573-7574 or

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Some of my most rewarding work includes student enrichment programs.

Timeless and popular is my Mystical Creatures seminar. In this, I teach students how to portray dragons, angels, mermaids, genies, unicorns, and the like as well as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Yeti, and more. My goal is for students to unlock their imaginations and express themselves in oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, and other appropriate media.

My Harry Potter classes have become so wildly popular that I now have to limit enrollment via a lottery.

Duct Tape 101 has a huge following too. In this class, students make items such as wallets, hats, animals, and neckties. The only limitation is the expanse of their imaginations.

Model Magic continues to be a mainstay as well. It is a course for students to create original sculptures in a variety of materials. Trains, planes, and yes, automobiles as well as human figures and more have captivated my beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Favorite subjects include Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Ninjas, Transformers, Avengers, Angry Birds, Furby, the Werecat Sisters, and Pokeman.

I offer my classes in schools, libraries, community centers, anywhere, really, that can accommodate resourceful, creative, imaginative kids open to experimentation and productivity.


From Elaine H, Hopedale Library: “Amazing stuff. Truly an original artist, not your typical arts and crafts. Tim thinks outside the box."

From Karen K, Uxbridge Schools Coordinator for Enrichment Programs: “The kids all love Mr. Snow. He is great with the kids."

From Jane S., Uxbridge Independence Project: “Tim has a way of capturing nuances in striking, fun, poignant ways. He has worked twice for us, and each time our students and their parents and guests couldn't be more appreciative, awe-struck, and thankful.”

Contact me for availability and pricing at
774-573-7574 or

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Contact me for availability and pricing at 774-573-7574 or timbosno1960@yahoo.com.

I look forward to meeting you!

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